Why FAFA Green Pack?

The concept of FAFA Green Pack is to reduce the use of plastic about 70% in order to help reduce the waste. That is why FAFA Green Pack is produced from the best combination, which contains of 70% Calcium Carbonate to help degradation process becomes easier. The rest 30% is PP Plastic, involving in usability like seal and wrap.

FAFA Green Pack is known as a degradable packaging of FAFA Company Limited; the packaging is in food grade and can be decomposed by sunlight using at least 3 months or 90 days.

FAFA Green Pack is environmentally friendly packaging because the company tries to reduce the use of plastic that also can help reduce the waste and preserve the environment at the same time. Moreover, the packaging is freezable (-20°c) and microwave safe (120°c). Actually, the formula can be adjusted to stand the cold, up to -40°c according to the customer’s requirement.

Reduce, reuse and recycle are the best definitions of FAFA Green Pack. FAFA Green Pack helps reduce the use of plastic; it is really environmentally friendly. Moreover FAFA Green Pack can be cleaned and reused because of non-absorbing water and oil qualifications. The last one is recycle; the packaging is able to change to other forms of product in order to prevent waste of potentially useful materials.

The Comparison between FAFA Green Pack, Plastic, Paper and Foam

Compare of the pack features FAFA Plastic Paper Foam
1. Produced by nature component.
2. Not damaging the environment.
3. Reduce the use of plastic.
4. Up to 120C.
5. Down to -20C.
6. Not absorbing water, oil and smell.
7. Easy to wash and reusable.
8. No chemical ingredients.
9. Cost efficient.
10. Help upgrade the product.
11. Can be wrap with plastic and film.
12. Can be stock for a long time (with the right environment).