About FAFA


The founders of “FAFA Company Limited” realized the environmental problems nowadays, and came up with the idea of ecofriendly packaging. We started in 1999 inventing biodegradable packaging produced from natural plant fibers, which can be naturally decomposed within 30 days, but it is not good enough for us due to water and oil leaking out from the packaging. Although, FAFA is not successful with this kind of packaging, we never give up.

FAFA was still continuingly working on green packaging. Many years passed, we found “the one;” the combination between natural materials and plastic brought us to “FAFA Green Pack.” In fact, plastic is not that bad if human does not rely on it too much until it creates a large amount of waste. The founders of FAFA tried to find the right proportion by not to use so much plastic in producing FAFA Green Pack in order to make it naturally degraded while help increase durability to the packaging.

FAFA is the first and only one company, which can produce this formula of packaging. Due to our experiences, we are expert while willing to work hard to understand the real needs of customers and challenge it. That is why FAFA never stops running, improving and developing our company and products continuously.